Virtual instruments and sample libraries

SomniatorSound has created free virtual instruments through the Pianobook project. You can check them out here. All instruments are available for free and require Full Kontakt 5 or newer. You can also just get the samples through the site and use them without a sampler.

Unipiano swarm

A swarming piano from an university lobby with special effects and 2 microphone positions. 3 velocity layers and a few different patches.

The Saunakantele

A very old and very out of tune zither sampled in a sauna!


The Urkuharmonium Orchestra

A free sampled organ from the 50’s. More info here.

Rock Corn – Percussion

A collection of sampled Pop Corn, turned into inspiring drums and pads.

Arctic Guitar

An electric guitar plucked acoustically under a cozy blanket.